Why Paris?

That’s a fair question. A question that was the first out of my mouth when this opportunity was presented. Paris is expensive to live in, hard to find housing in, and not an easy sell for mission work. “that’s not missions that’s vacation.” I have heard that more than once as we have shared God’s calling on our lives. Let me see if this post can make it easier to comprehend.

I follow pastor and author David Platt on twitter. He wrote the book Radical which challenges the reader to live the teachings of Christ and not strive for the American dream today he shared this article on some young adults from his church on mission in China. There’s a map on the right hand side. That shows Unreached and Underreached people groups in the world.

Here let me show you France.

If you take a look at the whole picture you see what the color dots represent. That big cluster of red dots, yeah that is Paris. That is why Paris.

There are close to 40 unreached and underreached people groups represented in the city of Paris.

Heartbreaking opportunities in Paris.

People need Jesus. There are people in Paris. That’s why Paris.

If you want to be overwhelmed by the need for Jesus around the world and in your back yard, head over to the International Mission Board site and be broken for what breaks the heart of the father.

4.1 billion, that’s a B, people in need of Jesus.

And after you have looked around there. Realize your time is now and head over to www.envision-culture.com and see if God is calling you to reach the unreached.


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