Who We are

We are your average family. Husband, wife, and  two kids. But we serve an extraordinary God!

Totony and raeniny served the local church 13 years as a full time youth pastor. In the fall of 2010 God called him and his family to Paris France, to start and lead the Envision Paris ministry site. Tony enjoys good coffee, tinkering with things that probably shouldn’t be tinkered with and spending time with his wife and kids.

Raeni is a great mom to two great girls, handles all the administrative details for Envision Paris  and makes a sweet pan of enchiladas. With a masters in family counseling she has been able to offer biblical mentoring to teams and interns. Raeni loves her morning walks, time with friends and coffee with her husbanfayth and hannahd.

Fayth is 14 and has had the unique opportunity for an American to play her first guitar gig in Paris. Fayth loves her guitar, music, friends and quiet time. She has a great heart for what God is doing.

Hannah is 11 and the self proclaimed funny one of the family. There is often a song in her heart that overflows onto her lips The girl loves to serve others and her heart and concern for the down and out is rivaled only by her love for her friends.

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