It’s always darkest before you open the shutters. I posted that on facebook to be snarky and funny.

I was wondering why it was so dark in our living room, looked up and saw the shutters closed.  I walked over and pushed the button to allow the electric motor to roll them up into their daytime hiding spot. As they slowly rolled upwards, light flooded into the room; bringing a freshness to the room that was needed and welcomed.

It started me thinking. What areas in my life is shuttered off? What area could use a bit of sunlight, freshness, or renewing?

Shutters have their place. They have their role. They protect windows from storms, they provide a barrier needed when things are rough and dark. In some ways they keep the warmth of the house inside. I have never before lived in a house with working shutters so they have taken me a bit of adjusting to get used to using them. Normally my family doesn’t shut them so that morning it was a surprise they were closed. I don’t remember shutting them last night. It was dark when I woke up this morning so I didn’t notice at first they were closed. But they were and the refreshing sunlight was being blocked from enter my house.  Paris doesn’t get sun that often in the winter and here I was blocking it out with shutters.

Are there relationships I have shuttered because of a storm? Are there emotions I have shuttered because they seem too dark to handle? Have I closed the shutters on opportunities for fear of failure? Has the storm passed in that area of my life and I need to allow the light of God’s word to penetrate deeper into that area?

I get the need for shutters. I understand that in this world we live in it is too hard to leave our lives completely open all the time. Too many people ready to take a shot at our weaknesses or to misuse our openness. But how many times have we left the shutters closed and missed out on life giving sunlight shining into our lives? Missed out on life giving relationships because we have shuttered our lives from those around us?

Life is relationships. We were not meant to live it alone and the most important relationship, the relationship that we were created to be in, that is the relationship we often shutter off the most. We do not trust that our Creator, our loving Heavenly Father who longs for a relationship with us; will not hurt us. We refuse to open the shutters to allow Him into all areas of our lives thinking, He will, in some way hurt us. Or maybe we don’t want to allow healing in an area of our lives. Maybe we have just forgotten we have closed the shutter to that area.

The sunlight warmed me up that morning as the shutters rolled up. You too can allow the light of Christ to warm the dark places in your life. Roll up those shutters.

What about you? Are there areas in your life that, for too long, have been closed off? Are there relationships that you have given up on for fear of pain? Are there areas in your life that have been closed off to the work of the Holy Spirit?

Let the light of God’s word bring healing, let the warmth of the Holy Spirit warm your heart.  Throw open the shutters.