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The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step. If that’s true (and by all logic I guess it is), then the same might be said of fundraising. The journey of 1000 dollars begins with the first dollar. If that is the case then our journey has begun. I guess it really began a while ago. In passing Raeni shared our future with a friend and that friend donated money they had been squirreling  away. Amazing! So the first step has begun now to follow that up with about 50,000 more steps or perhaps 84,000 more steps. That’s the number per year. There I said it, (or wrote it). It’s a big number but small to a God who owns a cattle on a thousand hills. I would settle for a side of beef! Honestly I don’t know how it’s going to happen. I don’t know how He plans to provide but I am stoked to see how it works out.

That number includes housing, salary, education, healthcare, transportation and the like so if you want to pay our health insurance as part of God’s providing feel free to ask. If you want to pay for out children’s schooling we can figure that out also. Click the give link and you can join the ENvision Paris team.

Over the next two weeks I will be sitting in the local Wal-mart parking lot raising funds for this crazy thing by selling fireworks. Will attempt to so some work from there as well on the slow times or when there is enough volunteers helping. We have a great bunch of people helping out from Plymouth Alliance and a few teens and young adults who are gearing up for ENvision Taipei or ENvision Conference in El Salvador. So if you are local to the Plymouth WI area stop by starting Friday the 24 and get your fireworks and bless three groups of people at once!

Tonight is our first open house with people from Plymouth Alliance to further cast the vision of ENvision Paris. Going to share with them how God has led us and what God is leading us to. So excited! Was told today that we made the fridge at someone’s house. That must make it real. You know when you bring home the prayer card from mission conference or mission speaker and put it on the fridge to be praying for them until the tape wears off or the magnet gets used to pick up staples out of the carpet. We made it to the fridge.

Anyways. I wanted to write to ask you to pray. About two years ago I was at a conference where the speaker asked us to open our hands and pray with our hands held open as wide as we could stretch them. Holding your hands open that long for any period of time is difficult. It’s natural for our hands to grab on to things; start to fall down the stairs you grab on the railing, see a dollar bill on the ground, grab on. But the point is we need change that, we need to hold on to what God has given us with open hands. Don’t let the things God has blessed you with today but the things you are still holding on tightly to tomorrow or five years from now. Hold them with open hands, enjoy them when He places them in your hand and let them go when He takes them. It saves you pain and struggle. So pray for us that we may hold on with open hands and allow God to place in our hands that which He wants us to have.


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  1. Holding on with open hands is what God has been teaching me… Loosing friends to the field, to God’s work has been hard, but thank God I have friends who want to Serve Him where ever He leads!! Thanking God for you two and praying for funds to come in in amazing ways!

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