There are days…

and then there are days. If you know what I mean. I am not even sure I know what I mean. I am sure you have had those days where you have wanted to say something and what you said was not exactly what you meant. Or maybe you said something that made absolutely no sense to anyone hearing what you said. Now multiply that time or that day by every waking moment outside of our apartment and you might get a sense of what a day is like most of our days.

Today we went to the park for a short time after supper and I attempted to listen to conversations between kids and their parents and between parents and their kids. Nothing. Not a word, not a nuance. Nothing.

Then there are other days like yesterday where I was asked for directions to the local RER gare (train station) and without thinking too much. I was able to give what I think were decent directions. (or at least I know they went in the direction I told them until they were out of my sight, in my mind it plays out that they arrived at the train station without a problem.) Or the fact that when I was buying a bottle of water last weekend for Fayth, I didn’t have to use English for a single word. That’s a good day or I guess just a good moment. But it makes the day seem better.

Things are going well here in France. Really I think they are. It is tiring, sometimes pretty near overwhelming and more often than not confusing. But, we have a purpose and a vision for being here. And, above that, we have  God who has called us here. So no matter the missed conversations or the poorly given directions we are here because for all of this God has a plan.

I have started hanging out in the north side of Paris Friday evening to volunteer with an American Football team. Honestly I just stand around listen to words repeated over and over again and continue to develop my vocabulary. It is also a door into a very dark area of Paris. One of our fellow school mates is coaching on the team and looking at working in North Paris in the coming year. We are praying for this city and coaching the guys who need the team to keep them off the streets.

There is also a team near the area of Paris that Raeni and I will be living next year. So if I can make a connection with the team in north Paris there is a chance to make a connection with the other team. It is a great opportunity to meet young people and use a passion that God has given me.

Lastly, Thanks for you prayers. Please keep praying for our family, our support and our future.

To help with our support go here and look at the options we have.

Feel free to contact us with any questions of if you are interested in serving in Paris with ENvision.

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