The best laid plans…-Tony

Couple of things about today.

One when you plan to do things it doesn’t always go as planned. Of course Steinbeck was not the first person to mention that plans do not always go as they seem. So today was the day of plans being unplanned. First we are running a fireworks booth. so we are using my car as a power source planned to use one of the other volunteers cars to plug the adapter in. They have to leave their key in the on position to have the power outlet on. So had to use their car instead of mine. Headed from the fireworks booth to the office for a staff meeting. Good staff meeting. Then left the meeting had a phone call and while on that call got a call from the person running the fireworks booth. Heard, building inspector said and then didn’t hear anything else. Thought we were being closed for some reason, headed over and was told that it was we had to many signs up in the grass because apparently Plymouth had more rules about signs in the grass then about our selling fireworks.

Headed back in the office but by this time there was no more time for work before I had to go pick up the babysitter and run her home. I still had the other workers car so called a friend to help make the drive to wal-mart to switch cars around. Didn’t have keys to the van needed to run into Raeni’s work to grab her key. Head to Walmart grab drop off the workers van, bring the friend home, make supper. Fayth helps put blueberries on the salad and then dropped the whole crate on the floor. Supper was delicious and thing seemed to be back on track for the day. Phone call from person whose van I drove around I have your bag I will bring it to your house. Good thing cause that computer has our presentation on it for our fundraiser open house. (thanks) Supper was delicious and things seemed to be back on track for the night.

Headed out to the Pig for some last minute groceries and to another friends house to pick up the girls bikes. Shopping went well, found everything needed and then over to the friends work to see how to get the bikes from their house. Rounded the corner to the parking lot and hit the curb hard enough to pop the tire and get a flat. Fifty minutes before we have people over for a fundraising open house and I am laying on the ground trying to unrust a rusted spare tire.

Tire changed, big hole to be replaced tomorrow. Home to print a few things for the night and a quick shower before the open house. All in all things seemed just a bit stressed. Went to pray with Raeni about the open house and the rest of the night and started laughing. Was good to laugh.

Second on an unrelated note. It’s a weird feeling to be planning things in staff meetings knowing I will not be here when they are implemented. Exciting but strange.

You just read pointless drivel that runs around in my mind…

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  1. Tony, had one of those days but didn’t handle it as well as you seem to have handled it. Thanks for the drivel that spoke to me about how I handle the unraveled plans.

  2. Tony, had one of those days but didn’t handle it as well as you seem to have handled it. Thanks for the drivel that spoke to me about how I handle the unraveled plans.

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