The Beginning-tony

When did it all start?
Honestly I probably can’t pinpoint a date or a time. I know it had something to do with reading Donald Miller’s book, A Million Miles in a Thousand Years. But that was probably more of a culmination than the starting point. You see, God has been stirring in my heart for a while now. Sort of a unsettled spirit, an uneasy feeling and a in quenchable desire all wrapped up in one. Nothing exactly wrong but then again nothing exactly right either…
So I prayed, or more correctly we, Raeni and I, prayed. We prayed for the future. Our future, our children’s future, the future of the church we serve, but more importantly we prayed for the future God wanted us to follow.  We prayed. I kept hoping for an easy out, for a light to shine clearly without the need to uproot my family from their comfort and their friends. Deep inside I knew that was not going to happen but I prayed and hoped and planned that it would, it didn’t.
There were a few fleeces that I had in my mind to reveal God’s plan for me. You know where you say God if you want me to do this you should do this. I have never really been sure if Gideon should have tested God by fleeces but he did, I did also.  The fleeces came back and confirmed that itch, that which I feared. Time to go. But I love what I do, I love the students I serve, I love the people I serve with. My kids love their school, their church, their friends. Our life is established here. Why would we go?
I guess to follow God would be the only answer that makes sense. We have what could be considered everything we need. We have a great home, a great job, a great ministry, great friends, and many great things; yet we still feel uneasy, unsettled and waiting for God to reveal.
Early August 2010 an email came in on a Wednesday, where a short term mission site with Envision/CM&A was looking for someone to come alongside and work with them. I responded back asking questions sensing that this is what God had put before me. There were a few things that held me back from going all in with this opportunity. So we backed out with graciousness and understanding that this is the way we were heading but not in that way or that time.
More prayer, more seeking, more conversations.
A trip to Asia, a conversation with Matt Peace, an opportunity that stirred my heart and fit. More prayers, more seeking, more conversations and we commit to follow God to Paris.
I’ll flesh that out later,
Stay tuned.

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