Thanks day ?

I forgot to keep count.

Raeni was supposed to blog for us yesterday but decided it more important to learn the 10 different ways to say however in French.

So today we are twice as thankful for the little things.

Hannah is thankful for a better day at school today. Yesterday was rough with someone saying something about her not knowing French. But today was a field trip day to a museum so that and nobody laughed at her.

Fayth is thankful for taco pizza.

Raeni is thankful for time with our teammates.

Tony is thankful that today went quickly and the weekend is upon us. We are headed to the Envision House to put the table back together so we can host the Paris team and some other guests for Thanksgiving next Saturday. Yes we know Thanksgiving in the States is on Thursday but apparently neither the government of France nor the school which we goes to offers us the day off.

We truly are thankful even while things are difficult and tiring.

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