We are thankful. Truly thankful. One year ago on Monday we headed for three weeks of intense cross cultural preparation  It was much needed and prepared us for moving but there was still so much we did not expect.

We are thankful that we have been given opportunity to pioneer the work of ENvision Paris.

We are thankful that we have truly enjoyed life here. Yes it has been hard and yes today it was hard to see family and friends together when we could not be there. But we are thankful to be joining a solid group of new friends and family here in Paris this Saturday for a Thanksgiving meal and time together.

We are thankful that we are here learning a language that, while difficult, will allow us share the Gospel of Christ with the people around us.

We are thankful that today during class we were able to understand a complete new article.

We are thankful for Facetime and Phone Calls.

We are thankful for streaming sites allowing us to watch a parade and a game.

We are thankful for rest.

We are thankful for you.

Be Thankful.

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