Thankful Day Four

Today we return to having a thankful heart from each of the members of the Roos family.

Hannah is thankful for the ability to be a giver. She baked some amazing brownie muffins which she brought to her friends family and is planning to bring to her teachers tomorrow.

Fayth is thankful making banana bread for her family and having it ready when Raeni and I returned home from school.

Raeni is thankful that God is teaching her to be okay with her best. Receiving grades in France is a humbling experience. Each test and sheet is scored out of 20 points. But the French believe that you learn from you mistakes so all mistakes are counted and scaled. A passing score is anything above 10 and the average student is satisfied when receiving a 14. Which means when you come from America and are used to receiving A’s it can be difficult to receive the grades that we receive here. However, Raeni has learned to accept that she is not perfect.

Tony is thankful that, even though it is extremely difficult, that he is able to take classes to learn French. I have talked with classmates who went to French speaking countries without structured language school and are now here learning the French that they have missed and it is very difficult for them to unlearn the bad habits in language that they have acquired. So at least even though I feel I can barely talk, I am thankful that I understand what I am trying to say.


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