Thankful Day Five

Today was test day. NINE pages of French grammar. Three hours of writing and we finished. So being thankful today is a choice we make.

Raeni is thankful for the house we are blessed to be able to move into in 6 weeks. It is a three bedroom home with a finished upstairs that will allow us to house a couple of interns with us.

Fayth is thankful that she got to see Maddie today. Maddie is a two and half year old daughter of our teammates Josh and Jenn. Fayth loves her to death and is smiley anytime she gets to see her.

Hannah is thankful for that she had the opportunity to paint.

I, Tony, am thankful for free furniture. We spent the day sanding and painting a table, side table, and bench, all of which were given to us for free by a family who was moving back to the USA. I am also thankful that we at our future/new house we have an ice maker. Ice is nice.


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