Thankful day 6 and 7

First I am thankful for you gracious people that will allow us to combine two days of  Thankfulness in one blog.


Tony: Today I am thankful for work accomplished. With the help of my amazing wife and helpful kids much work was done on the future house to ensure it is ready to host the Paris team Thanksgiving dinner in two weeks.

Raeni: I am thankful for Jenn Whiteman and Andy Staver who tore up a ton of plants and transplanted the flowers that needed to be transplanted the the future house.

Fayth: I am thankful that Andy and Hannah got the tree out of the ground!

Hannah: I am thankful that I got to help!


Raeni: Today I am thankful for Fayth and Hannah and how awesome they are.

Fayth: I am thankful for the amazing worship today at Trinity International Church led by aunt Jenn Whiteman

Hannah: That God gave me an idea to save my money to buy French bibles for people who don’t have a bible.

Tony: I am thankful that my cold is going away. I am also thankful for each of you who take the time to read these notes of thanks. I am grateful that you care about our family and our ministry enough to take time away from your day to read about our lives. Thank you.

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