Thankful another day

I am not sure what day of thankfulness it is. I know we missed yesterday and today was a rush of a day which means we didn’t have a chance to discuss our thankfulness. So I guess I (tony) get to be the one who hogs the thankfulness spotlight tonight. (Is that like wearing a pin about being humble?)

Tonight I am thankful I don’t have to go at this alone.

  • First I have an amazing God who is backing me and giving me strength to face each day.
  • Second I have an amazing wife who supports and encourages me. And amazes me that even in all she does she still makes an amazing loaded baked potato soup. Yes today was so rushed we ate in shifts and without sitting down but it still tasted amazing with a side our awesomesauce from Raeni.
  • Third I have two amazing daughters who have managed the chaos of moving to a new country and all that that entails, with flying colors. They have never crumbled under the pressure. Sure we spend time crying together and figuring out why that word is conjugated that way in tears together but the get up wipe away the tears and take another rush at it.
  • Fourth I am thankful for all of you. Including all of you who aren’t reading this now. Those of you who are supporting us in Prayer, finances, gifts, questions, and encouraging us with notes, letters and ranch dressing. That is something that we are so amazingly grateful for. Thanks.

Okay that’s it for tonight.

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