Temple in Taipei

There is a weird mixture of beliefs in Taiwan. In logic ancestor worship and reincarnation don’t seem to jive (a word i dont use every day).  However her logic in what they worship doesnt have to make sense. Although completly logically Christianity doesn’t make sense. An all powerful God dying for this frail humanity. Not sure that makes any logical sense either. But there is no contradiction and maybe that is what struck me today.

Behind the main buddha in the temple was a row of other gods i watched as one enslaved person to the next went from idol to idol offering prayers and offerings in hopes to appease or please each one. Which one is only their best guess.

Took my first imodium of the trip not bad considering.  I am also a uncle again. Congrats to my sister on the birth of Safia. There are benifites of being off the time zone by 13 hours.

Tomorrow morning our time (night time in the USA) we will be meeting as youth pastors to plan the partnership and trip. Please pray. Thanks!

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