It is interesting, maybe thats not the word. Not interesting but exciting. Although that doesn’t seem right also. As we wander through Xiemn district led by Chris Odell it is exciting to see the passion and hope he has. We hear his plans and God’s plans as we walk. So many opportunities that are available. Not the opportunities that we normally think of for missions trips. No building projects, no VBS, no slum ministry; but instead a movie to be made, a concert to be provided, a conversation to have.

Right now i sit in movie park where to my right is a building that will show and promote films that bring light. To my left is an open building that could house a church, a ministry or what ever it is that God has called to be done.

There is a great love for the district by the people who live and work here at the envision site.

Location : No. 12, ChéngDōu Rd, Wanhua District,

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