Moving cross-culturally brings about emotions you never thought you had about thing you never thought were important. During  our big garage sale to divest ourselves of things accumulated over the years of living in one place, I found such a weird emotional attachment to power tools. Many of the power tools I hadn’t used more than twice in the last 8.5 years. But yet they were mine, I was a man, and therefore needed power tools. They won’t work in France, but still, when my neighbor was walking away with my Sawz-All and circular saw, I held back a tear. I didn’t  understand it at the time,  but thanks to the training that we are currently taking I am beginning to comprehend it.

As is typical of our lives at this time we have had a very emotional last 10 days. Thanksgiving weekend my parents and grandpa and Raeni’s parents and grandmother came in for our commissioning service at Plymouth Alliance Church. It was the last time I will be seeing my family before we head to Paris. The commissioning service was a greatly emotional time that honored the service and ministry of our family at Plymouth Alliance. The church prayed over us and blessed us with great memories, kind words, and a nice send off. Emotionally draining yet refreshing at the same time.

With 22 days until we leave for Paris, things are calm. At least on the outside. We are calm on the outside since we are currently spending our time in training in Colorado. So since we are hundreds of miles from the remaining things we own, there is not much we can do. We know there are bags to be packed, goodbyes to be said, rooms to clean and go through, but can’t do much about any of that right now. So we rest in a calm state of anxious thought as we anticipate 10 days of craziness when we get home.

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