Running for Paris

I don’t really understand it. Running that is. I mean I get running when there is a bear chasing you. I have never experienced that, but believe if there was a bear chasing me, I would be inclined to run. I believe in running to protect my children. Like if I have to chase after them as they run out into the street. Again like the bear scenario this doesn’t happen much.

In 2009 Raeni and I “ran” a half marathon. I use the term run loosely in this situation. More for me than for Raeni. Raeni ran and thanks to her compassion she slowed down to stay with me. Prior to that we “ran” four miles at the Road America American Cancer society run. That was my first introduction to the fact that people run to raise money, and people run for simply for the fact that they like to run and then other people pay them money to run. Weird, I know.

So in 2009 Plymouth Alliance Church hosted a fun run and walk to raise money for the youth mission trip that summer. Eighty people ran or walked and brought in over $3000.00 for the trip. Not bad. Not bad. So people run, pay money to run and gather sponsors to support them and their cause.

Which brings me to my reason for posting. Raeni and I have a couple good friends, Jason and Calu, who ran their first marathon this last summer and I think they are hooked. Before they even finished they agreed to run a marathon in Paris to help support ENvision Paris. Seriously. I don’t get it. But I am glad they said yes.

What I do get is that they believe in what ENvision Paris stands for and in our family. They believe that there are a ton of people here that need to hear about the love of Christ and they believe they can help be a part of that by running a marathon.

The craziest thing they they believe is that they are going to finish the marathon. Twenty six point two miles. Or forty two point one nine five kilometers since they are running in Paris. I believe that also. But behind those miles of the marathon, are the many miles run in preparation for the event. Over the coming months Jason and Calu will run over 600 miles each in preparing for this event.  That is over a 1000 miles total. That is in miles, not even counting the hours they will spend running.

I truly am grateful for what they are doing. Will you help me say thank you to them by sponsoring them and ENvision Paris as they run? Imagine if they knew that for every mile they ran, you were giving a dollar? Every footstep that fell as they ran will be adding up money for the future of ENvision Paris and for more people to hear about the love of Jesus. You can make a difference by making a donation through PayitSquare.  Check out the options on how you can sponsor and be a part of their training. The start running today, January 15th, and the Paris Marathon is April 15th.

Encourage Jason and Calu as they run for ENvision Paris.


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