I remember…

I remember where I was; I had just dropped off my last students from my school bus route and turned on the radio for the ride back to the bus depot. At that time they didn’t really know what had happened. I was then glued to my radio for the next few hours until I understood what had happened and the response to it. I remember in the small town in south central Minnesota they close the mall. I remember not having football practice to coach that night. I remember thinking, “why am I bringing a child into this mess?” I easily remember all of that from that day.

But (Jesus Juke moment), honestly, I don’t easily remember the scripture reference that our Pastor used on Sunday. (and no it’s not because he’s a bad preacher or didn’t use scripture, okay I remember he spoke on idols from the book of Jonah, but it took me a while to remember (see Al, I was listening.)) I think it is for that reason that throughout scripture we see God commanding the people of Israel to build reminders throughout their journey to remind themselves and teach their children what God had done for them. We do that with signicifcant events in our countries and even our lives. There is a small momumount not far from where we live which celebrates the liberation of our city from the German soldiers. I wear a wedding ring to remind me of my love for my wife and of my commitments to her (honestly that is one I don’t think I would forget.).

However, I have been very terrible about building reminders in my life of things God has done. We have a small board in our house which we call our Joy board. But I forget to write down my blessing and put them on it. I write this blog here but I often don’t remember to update it, with the blessings of God that I should remember. The reality is this. God knew we were a forgetful people it’s why many of his commands in the old testament included the word remember.

How can we better remember our blessings?

  • write it down
  • tell someone else
  • shout it from the mountain. (okay if you don’t live near a mountain just tell somebody.)
  • take a picture of it. (might be difficult but maybe you can find an abstract representation of the blessing)
  • create a blessing board (search pintrest, we all know you have an account (i don’t but we know you do))
  • create space in you life to remember. Each day remember one thing that God did. Once a week look back and remember what God did that week. Take one day a year to focus on what God did that year. (it doesn’t have to be on New Years Eve)


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  1. Thank you Tony. How easy it is to overlook our blessings and keep on moving. My blessing for this time is you Tony. The person that you are and what you stand for. May God continue to bless you and your ministry.

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