Prayer Requests
Today I do not have a fancy newsletter with pictures and stories just simply request that I would ask you present before our God and Father.

  • For language comprehension. We started last week on a few things that, right now, feel overwhelming. Pray for eyes to see, ears to hear and mouths to speak the French language.
  • Against attacks by Satan. There have been a few times where we have strongly felt attacks from the enemy. Please pray that the Lord Jesus Christ would vanquish the enemy who fights against the work here.
  • Pray for the upcoming field transitions as our teammates Tim and Rachael head to the USA for a one year home assignment. There is also a shuffling of housing happening now through December. Pray for God to provide housing for the field and safe moves.
  • Pray for the ENvision connection with the work of the C&MA in Paris. We want to make sure that what we do is what God wants done. There are many good opportunities in this city that has a great need for Jesus. Pray we would walk wisely into the future.
  • Pray that God would be at work in front of us as we start to look to what God is going to do through ENvision Paris.
  • Pray that God would open the floodgates of His storehouse and provide financially for the work of ENvision Paris. We are still in need of partners to support the work of ENvision Paris. Pray that God would stir the hearts of people to give. Because of the urgency of the work here in Paris we were sent before we were fully funded and live in faith the God will provide.

Thanks for your prayers. We are blessed to know that you are praying for us and seeking God’s will for us.

If after praying your heart is stirred please to give find out how at Roos4Paris

Tony, Raeni, Fayth and Hannah Roos

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