phnom Phen

Well thats it for Phnom Phen.
We saw just a glimpse of some of the ways that the Alliance is working in that city. Talked abou how groups can come and help put on an English camp so young Cambodians learn English and those who minister have opportunity to share their story  of Christ in them. We then visited to floating schools who have minister to kids in kindrgarten through fourth grade. The kids dont have the right paperwork to get into public school and have no way to get the education that is needed. Here in Cambodia an education is hope. Hope that your kids will not end up in the sex trade. Hope that your chidren will survive. We are now bussing our way to Siem Reip to see Ankgor Wat and more ministry sites tomorrow.
Sad note of the day is that the average age for a prostitute in Cambodia is 14. That is the average age. Meaning there are those far younger than that average.
Happy note of the day, there is hope for them.

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