Packing and Planning and Praying and Pleading


We have packed up two van loads of things we want to store for the future. It is an interesting process to handle an object that you bought a number of years ago that you think you can not live without and decide if it should go one of four places. Save for the future (Raeni’s parents have agreed to be our storage unit), bring to Paris, sell in garage sale/donate to charity, or throw it away, because as much as you like it, it really is trash. So that is what we as a family have been doing. Honestly though it is something we started before we knew what God wanted for us. My friend, Joshua Becker, runs the blog and wrote a few e-books about the topic of minimalism. I read through the books and felt the simplicity of it would be freeing. And for me it has been. It has not been easy but it has been freeing. At this point we are working deeper into everything we have accumulated. And saying what are the things that make our home a home and our family a family. Honestly there aren’t that many things that matter but there are some that are harder to part with than others.


This month was filled with filling out paperwork and planning for things that we never thought about before God calling us overseas. We filled out the paperwork for a real will by an attorney not the version. We filled out paper work for visas in French. We started talking about an actual date of departure not just a general month. We talked with another couple who possibly will begin the same process that we began a little less than a year ago. These things while sometimes over whelming are also the things that make it seem more and more concrete that ENvision Paris and the work we are called to is moving forward.


We sent out our monthly prayer letter yesterday you can sign up on the left of our website right over there it says sign up for prayer letter. Requests included were:

Pray for our funding. We are still looking for individuals and churches to partner with us. Pray that we will be bold in asking and that God would send us opportunities.
Pray for Fayth and Hannah as they start the last few months of schooling in Plymouth. Pray that the transition into school would go smoothly and that they would make great meemories in these remaining months.
Pray for the upcoming events, ENvision Benefit Concert on September 24th and Putting for Paris on October 1st and 2nd.
Pray that we would make decisions that are God led as we plan for the next few months.
The full newsletter is here. 


You are here for a reason. Whether you stumbled here or are our closest family you are reading this far because something moved in you to keep reading. Would you consider joining in the purpose that God has for our family? Would you consider being a financial supporter of what God is calling us to? We are 16 weeks out from heading to the future and need to continue to have more financial support come in. Right now we are at 25% of our goal and are hoping that you would consider making a donation. We need $274 dollars a working day. Would you make a donation today that covers a day? Easiest way to do it is by going to this CMA Website and filling out the information. Or if you want you can check out the Give section of our website for more giving options! Thanks in advance for what God is calling you to give.




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