So today I am processing saying good-bye to Plymouth Alliance Church. When we moved to Plymouth 8 ½ years ago my plan was to stay as uninvolved in church as possible. I was hurt and tired. That plan lasted about 3 months. Within 3 months of our arrival in Plymouth I was on the MOPS board. I don’t think that I ever told the ladies who I served on the board with – they saved me from getting a vacation in a lovely room with padded walls and 3 meals a day. Being involved gave me a place to concentrate my energy. MOPS gave me grown-ups to talk to and a place to look outside of myself. I am so thankful to that ministry and that group of ladies. I will miss them.

Our family has been so blessed by our church family. We have been mentored and guided.  We have been given room and space to grow. Our opinions and ideas were valued. PAC has guided us and taught us. They have brought us to a place where leaving to move to France is even a possibility. 8 ½ years ago this wouldn’t have even been a possibility for us. PAC has helped us grow so it is actually our reality. Under Pastor Bob’s leadership I have seen my husband challenged. I have seen him grow into an incredible leader. Bob has guided, encouraged, and given appreciated feedback. I am so thankful for what he has done for Tony.

When I call PAC our family I truly look at it as our family. We have been so blessed to share meals with people. To have extra aunts, uncles, grandmas, and grandpas and cousins for our girls has been such a blessing. To be supported and prayed for has been salve to my broken heart. To be asked how I am doing and the person asking actually really wants to know how I am doing. I will miss our church home and family.

I will miss all of those who have watched the pink ones so I could participate in youth ministry. They have had such a great time playing house with you, watching Extreme Home Makeover, or playing with your kids. You have poured into them and your influence has been felt. They feel so loved and so comfortable in your homes.  Sunday School teachers and AWANA leaders who have taught our girls truth and helped them build a firm foundation on which to stand. Know that you will be missed but not only us but by the girls. Thank you for the send-off that you gave them at Discovery Land this last week. Please keep praying for them as this move is such a challenge for them.

Precious memories I will forever cherish. Seeing Fayth and Hannah cuddled up with Justine Johnson or Stephani Newby when I arrived home from youth group. Laughing with the MOPS board and Ladies Nights out. Making enchiladas for 100 people and being in a total panic that I was going to be serving raw enchiladas. Soccer camp, the hot days, of cutting fruit in the concession stand and eating “the broken” freeze pops. Walking into Tony’s office filled with balloons all filled with cash. Tony and I “running” a half marathon. Outdoor services and seeing so many people baptized. Quality worship, that taught the girls about praising their Savior. We love hearing Hannah’s funny little voice singing. There are so many more. Our commissioning service blessed us immensely. Seeing you send so many people out with so much enthusiasm. There are so many more memories – Thank you for each and every one.

Thank you Bob, Teresa, Bill, and Patti – we love you all so much. Thank you for leading and serving. Your touch will ever be felt on our life! Thank you PAC family. We love you all very much. We will miss each and every one of you

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  1. What a beautiful story written from the heart and I am sure with tears in your eyes. I love you dearly and your family. You are all so in my heart and in my prayers. May God bless you abundantly in this new step forward following your Savior.

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