Overwhelmed and Thankful

Ever have one of those moments? That moment where it seems like nothing makes sense and yet you still are at peace? Yeah that moment is a bit where I am right now.

Trying to figure out how to register two girls for swim lessons. Something that on any other year I could have done with little to no thought became a 2 hours search that left us with more questions than answers. Then spent 20 minutes to write a 4 sentence email asking for more information. There are all these moments when I just about think maybe I will get this language thing and then realize I am far from understanding this language.

I am overwhelmed by the language. There are more tenses in the French language than I know what to do with. I know we have a lot of them in  English also but I never had to learn them, I just knew them and for the most part by the time I was 35 I knew how to use them (I know my former church secretary would disagree.) However now we keep learning in different ways different tenses. Add to the tenses new verbs and to the new verbs, new vocabulary and to the new vocabulary, new habits and you end up with a tired brain. I think Homer Simpson said it best, “every time I learn something new, it pushes something old out of my brain.”

But in all things I am thankful. I have decided to list off some of the things I am thankful for. I am not going to rank them but just list them.

  • God (of course none of the others would matter if He weren’t first)
  • Family (Raeni and the girls have been great through this transisiton)
  • Friends (it is amazing to have a team here in Paris that can help when it seems helpless. I was just reliving the first week when Tim had to come hold our hands to teach us how to use the bus/metro/train system.)
  • Glimpses of hope (there are those days when you hear a word or conversation and understand it.)
  • The need of the City (I am thankful that the people of Paris need Jesus. I am thankful because it gives me the kick in the hinder that I need to keep going.)
  • Trinity International Church (this is a great church that my family is blessed to be a part of and to be serving alongside.)
  • Glimpses of what God is doing (Hearing stories of God at work is always something to bring about thankfulness.)
  • All of you (I am thankful that in the hard times I know that you are praying for us. I know that you are giving to our work and I know that God hears and answers your prayers!)

What about you? Have you ever been overwhelmed and thankful?

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