Our Father

It’s interesting how God works thing together to speak to a person. One of the things we (Raeni and I) have to do for language school is to memorize the Lord’s Prayer in French. We have been using this video. To help us out as we get started. Then the church we have been attending started a series on the Lord’s Prayer.

The thing that hit me earlier this week and then hit home again today is the fact the God is called our Father. A big departure for those Jewish listeners that Jesus was teaching prayer to. God had been called father that wasn’t anything new. But the change is the use of God as OUR father. It was such a departure for them to think of him as their father. Not the God of their fathers; Abraham, Issac and Jacob. Not the father of Israel but their father, Our Father.

The Father who loves us unconditionally. The Father who wants only what is best for us. The Father who says I love you and because of that love I am not going to give you everything you want. I am going to give you what is best. Our Father who desires us to be with Him for Eternity. Our Father.

Our Father. Is a beautiful concept for us to behold. One that opens us up to the reality that He is always the Father waiting for His children to come to Him, correcting, teaching, training and prodding them to be all that He created them to be.

Our Father.

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