One Month

In one month my friends Jason and Calu (that’s them over there) will be running in the Paris marathon. Seriously they are running a marathon here in Paris. They have been training since the begining of the year to run these 26.2 miles. There have been days they have run when the weather has been below freezing and days they have run when the wind was so cold they couldn’t feel their fingers. Why are they doing it? Most people who run marathons love to run, and for Jason and Calu that could be one of the reasons (although I think it’s crazy to love to run. I mean think about it. Running for hours at a time to get no where. But I digress.), but I know they have another reason. That reason is they want to help support the work of ENvision Paris.

The thought started early last fall before they had even completed their first ever marathon in Chicago, they were in training for the marathon and were running for a great group of people at the Family Empowerment Center and I jokingly said why don’t you run a marathon in Paris for me, without hesitation Jason answered yes. So on those cold days of running, on those mornings where the alarm clock rang way earlier than it ever should ring, Jason and Calu rose from bed and ran. I am so thankful.

What I would love for you, my friends, to do is encourage them. Now I am guessing that most of you can not make it here to Paris to cheer them on during the race on April 15th. (if you can we will make room for you on the floor of our house.) So one great way to cheer them on is to bring about the idea they have had in mind since they stated running. The idea that by there running they can help us minister to the people here in Paris.

So here is how it works. You clickety click this here link and it takes you over to a Payitsquare page on that page you can donate towards the work of ENvision and find out how to make a tax deductible donation. For each donation made I will make a poster to place carry along the route to encourage them with your name written on the poster. The more donations you make the more posters I make. Also you get to be a part of something here in Paris that is on the ground level with dreams of being a far reaching ministry to advance the Kingdom of God.

Please click here and see how you can be a part of what God is doing and encourage Jason and Calu in their last month of training. (seriously they are running a marathon. like 500 miles of training. Really who does that. Right I know some of you do. but then you know.)

There is a place where you can give whatever amount that you want to give to be a part of what is happening!

Let’s do this thing!

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