More Thankfulness

Today I (tony) took some time to pray through our monthly support statement. I am so stinking humbled that you who give have believed in what God is doing and believed in what God is going to do. Thank you so much for your heart and for your gifts. We are eternally grateful for your gifts. and we believe that because you have given lives will be changed for eternity.

Tony: I am thankful for opportunities to speak and dream about the future. While sometimes what God has laid before use seems like a huge task, I am thankful that we are called to be a part of it and called to pioneer an new effort here in Paris alongside a great group of people who are cheering for us and the work of God to be accomplished.

Raeni: I am thankful that since we arrived here we have not been overtly sick and in the doctors office with flu, allergies, or injuries. Thank you Jesus for health.

Fayth: I am thankful that Sunday I swim in my first swim meet in France.

Hannah:  I am thankful for blah, blah, blah (that is how she started) Then she thanked God for a friend at Fayth’s swim practice. Hannah worked her tail off to finish her homework before Fayth’s swim meet so she could go and play with her new friend. This time her new friend had other friends with her, so Hannah and three French girls played with Hannah’s dolls and lamb. Pray for these friends who Hannah has connected with.


Thanks again Tony.

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