It doesn’t make sense….Tony

I was reminded again last week that our plans and God’s plans are not always the same and that God’s plans do not always make sense to our finite minds. We had a few things planned and God had a few other things planned. A missed appointment turned into a great time of prayer. A planned downtime alone between meetings turned into great conversations with like minded people. A meeting delayed because of Raeni’s trip to the USA, turns to be a great launching point for the future of God’s work here.

It is sometimes little things like this that we miss out on as we try to make sense of our calling and ministry. I speak not only of our calling here to Paris but in general about all of our callings to follow Christ more fully. We often focus on what we missed out on instead on what was accomplished.

In on the above examples I had about an hour and a half in between meetings last Saturday. I planned to lock the door to the ministry center, walk around the corner and enjoy a nice cup of coffee while reading the paper. (it was my birthday I am allowed to do things like this.) As the meeting ended those who were there were in no hurry to leave. One was waiting for a ride, another finishing up and email and another just wanting to stay. I obliged their wants putting aside my large mocha for a conversation. And looking back. I am glad I did. The conversation was much better than chocolate flavored coffee and news.
I want to make the choice to focus on what I am doing instead of what I think I am missing out on.

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  1. That is so cool! If we could only remember this when we want our own things. Gods things are so much better and richer for us!

  2. Disappointment – His appointment,
    Change one letter, then I see
    That the thwarting of my purpose
    Is God’s better choice for me.

    His appointment must be blessing
    Though it may come in disguise
    For the end from the beginning,
    Open to His wisdom lies.

    Disappointment – His appointment
    Whose? The Lord’s who loves best.
    Understands and knows me fully,
    Who my faith and love would test.

    For like loving, earthy parent
    He rejoices when He knows
    That His child accepts unquestioned
    All that from His wisdom flows.

    Disappointment – His appointment
    No good thing will he withhold
    From denials oft we gather
    Treasures from His love untold.

    Well, He knows each broken purpose
    Leads to fuller deeper trust
    And the end of all His dealings
    Proves our God is wise and just.

    Disappointment – His appointment
    Lord I take it then as such,
    Like the clay in hands of potter
    Yielding wholly to Thy touch

    All my life’s plan is Thy molding
    Not one single choice be mine
    Let me answer unrepining,
    Father not my will but Thine.

    by Phil Keaggy

    Glad to hear about the Lord working. I thought of these lyrics as I read your blog. Thought you might enjoy reading them too. Tom

  3. Thanks for the comments folks.

    Mally I am grateful when He does.

    Jeannie it usually isn’t in the midst of the frustration that I realize the blessing it takes some times and often a two by four to the head for me to realze.

    Tom Thanks for the Keaggy lyrics what he seems to put into much better words my thoughts. Thanks for sharing.

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