Happy New Year

Its New Years Day here in France we are just finishing breakfast after sleeping in a little bit – our friends and family in the Midwest are just tucking themselves into bed after welcoming the New Year.  So in the past few weeks I have had several “sad” posts. Today is going to be one of Thankfulness and looking forward.

I am thankful for the safe and uneventful travel we had. For kids who slept on the plane, for the agent who only made us pay an overage fee on one bag, for calm in the airport. I am thankful that we were picked up at the airport and that all of our luggage and all of us fit into the vehicles that came to claim us. I thankful for a seven year old that has a bladder made of steel (a 7 hour flight and she didn’t need to go to bathroom – her big fear of airplane bathrooms that has yet to be overcome).

I am thankful for our new apartment and the fact that it is furnished and we aren’t sitting on the floor with all of our stuff piled up around us. I am thankful that we have all been sleeping well. That we haven’t had to struggle with a tremendous amount of jet lag. I am thankful for two main doors that require a pass key and the 4 locks on our door that keep us safe.  I am thankful for a “big” kitchen.

I am thankful for our new family that has welcomed us so graciously. For the team Christmas party we were able to attend. I am thankful for all the food that they blessed us with. I am thankful for all the help they have provided, a track phone, help setting up our telephone, banking, and helping us navigate the bus and train schedules.

I am thankful for my husband who is leading us boldly. I am thankful that he listened to all those French CD’s and can understand a few words. I am thankful that he isn’t afraid to go up and ask for directions. I am thankful that he understands that I am mess and doesn’t try to fix me.

I am thankful for Fayth who is being so brave and worries so much about her mom. I am thankful that she looks on the positive and reminds me that I wanted a bigger couch and a front loading washer.  I am thankful to hear her say “I can do all things through Him who gives me strength.”

I am thankful for Hannah and how she sings in the shower. How she makes us all laugh. I am thankful that she embraces the new quickly and whole heartedly. I am thankful for her as she has enlisted her sister into planning a spa morning for me.

What am I looking forward to – to learning French and returning to school (I have always loved school ). I am looking forward to exploring a new city, country, and continent. I am looking forward to seeing a sign and knowing what it says, to hearing a conversation and understanding a few of the words. I am looking forward to falling in love with this city and its people. I am looking forward to interns and seeing how God works in them and through them. I am looking forward to looking back a year for now and seeing how far we have come as we learn a new culture. I am looking forward to seeing how God grows our whole family in this new year.


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