Hannah’s Tears

Tonight was one of many lasts for our family. We had our last night of AWANA. While the actually time at AWANA was positive, Fayth passed her second book and got a Gold Streamwood card. In the world of AWANA this is a pretty big deal. Hannah had several friends from school at AWANA, friends that she has brought over the past couple of months. Hannah being a people person and a little girl who loves her friends was very excited to have them there. The real angst (and I do mean angst, there was weeping in our home tonight by our girls) came after we got home. While they hurt for what they are losing the thing that really touched my heart was watching my daughter weep for her friend who doesn’t know Jesus. She wept because in her seven year old heart she realized that she may not see her friend in heaven. It was difficult for her to think of not seeing her here on earth but she was ultimately concerned that her friend wouldn’t be in heaven with her someday. As a mom this is heartbreaking. It’s also encouraging to think that maybe she is really grasping who God is and what He did for her. It is also very humbling. When was the last time I wept for a person who hasn’t met my AMAZING GOD? When was the last time that I wept for a world that needs a Savior?
I realize we are looking at weeks that will be filled with tears. Tonight’s tears were very precious; they were tears to hold onto. Tears to remind us what the big picture is. There are people who need Jesus. The loss and tears that we feel as we let go of friendships, possessions, and security are nothing, especially, when you consider that not to long from now Christ is going to return and there will be many tears and much weeping by those who are condemned to an eternity away from Him. As you read this I encourage you to pray for Hannah’s friend that doesn’t know the King of Kings yet. Won’t Hannah be blessed beyond measure if she is sitting at her Savior’s feet and this little girl would walk up to her and say “Hannah, I’m here because you brought me to AWANA and the people who read your mommy’s blog about how you cried for me prayed for me. Because they prayed and I heard the truth at AWANA when I was 7 years old I am here to spend eternity with Jesus and with you.”
Who do you weep for? I’ll pray for them with you. Let’s forget the little things of this world and realize that there is an eternity we are fighting for.

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  1. Hope this goes through this time. What a wonderful girl you have really two wonderful girls. The faith of a little child. Yes there will be tears in the next weeks but God has promised to bless those who love and follow him. He will all of through the tears and time away. Love to all of you

  2. Hannah, I promise that I pray. I weep for my adult children and their families – pray they will know God through Christ. I love your heart, Hannah, and that eternity is so real to you that you weep now for those who may miss heaven.

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