Four Months: Four Thousand Miles – Tony

It is interesting to be four months and four thousand miles from what God is calling you to. In some ways four months seems like forever from now, but the reality is there are so many things to do in the coming months that I am not sure how they will all get done. Four thousand miles in today’s world is a simple airplane ride over an ocean. But it’s more than that also. It’s a definitive step into the unknown. I have been thinking about what the plane ride might look like with our family. I am wondering if there will be tears over the middle of the Atlantic. Or if we will be all cried out by that time. I am wondering if conversations will be had by our family about why we are on the flight and excited for opportunities those conversations may open.  Four months four thousand miles. So close yet so far.

Here are some of the dreams we have for ENvision Paris.

  • Use young adults from around the globe to minister and reach the one million college students in Paris.
  • Send equipped disciples back to their home willing to do what it takes to reach their friends and family, coworkers and the lost in country.
  • Resource the current work of the C&MA with interns and teams to work strategically and minister effectively together.
  • Provide a place for young adults to grow in faith and find Christ’s plan for them
  • Utilize a variety of gifts and talents to reach a wide variety of people with the Good news.
Those a just a few and not fleshed out but that is some of what we are praying towards and for.
If you are reading this and realize that you like these ideas and want to make they happen, considering supporting the Roos family and ENvision Paris through prayer and/or financially. Look at the top of the screen. Now look back. Did you see it? Look again. Pray with us and Give. Click those words. Do it and see what God leads you to do.

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