Fireworks and Answered Prayer

So today is one of those days when I am feeling a little more than overwhelmed. We are coming off 12 days at the fireworks booth, I put in a few more hours than normal at work this week, Soccer camp start Monday, we are making plans to cater the church picnic (yeah we are cooking for 300), and finally we head to MN on a working vaction towards the end of next week (our first boxes of  keepsakes that we aren’t moving will be coming with us). All of that plus, we are in full gear for fund raising – sending letters, making contacts, and having open houses. There are so many other things to be decided for our move. So that’s the beginning to an uplifting post? I know its a little whiney.  Actually where I want to focus my attention is on aswered prayer. I need to dwell in the faithfullness of my God. Some may think the answered prayer I am going to talk about is silly but I think God is revealing to me his faithfulness.
The answered prayer that I am talking about is that the fireworks booth was successful. While we don’t have the final numbers in yet. The booth  raised a good deal of money for ENvision Paris, ENvision trips, and PAC youth. I pray with an amazing group of ladies every Tuesday morning. Our prayer for the past few weeks is that the booth would need an additional shipment of fireworks and that there would be a very small amount product to pack op on the last day. Both were answered – over the weekend we had to go to another booth to pick up more product and we got another shipment delivered to us. On the 5th Tony packed up a mere 23 boxes. Far fewer than the 87 boxes we originally got. So I have to recognize and praise God for this answered prayer. He is always faithful.
So pray with Tony and myself as we pray for churches and individuals to partner with us. We need a huge amount of money to reach our goal. Also pray that wise decisions would be made as far as our location in Paris and our language schooling.  Pray that we will find an apartment (3 bedrooms) in our price range. Pray that the churches we will be talking to in July will have a positive response to what we have to share.  Pray for connections. We know a limited number of people we are looking to our Father to set up great connections.

If you are thinking about partnering with us please don’t wait until January. We need partners now. If you have recieved our support letter and are planning to give on a regular basis please let us know. If you haven’t heard form us and want to help – let us know! We need that number so we can tell the people who ultimately send us how much is coming in on a regular basis. If you know of anyone with a heart and passion for Paris,  let us know. We would love to talk with them about our plans.

Partner with us – through pray and through giving. Help us be ready to go in January.

So as I continue to go through the whirlwind that is my life I rest easy in Fathers arms as I know that he answers prayers. He is always faithful. I pray that you would also be able to rest in his arms with whatever your days are brining you.

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  1. You are consistently in my prayers. Today I prayed that you will feel Christ’s peace as you prioritize what needs to happen in the next few days.

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