February Prayer letter.

Thank you so much for praying for us over the last two months. Your prayers have been felt and greatly needed. Thank you!

Two months have passed, so many things have happened yet we struggle to write an update. Why is that? So we guess we will start where we left off.

In the last letter we had just begun this adventure of learning a language and living in a foreign country. Both of those things are extremely humbling. I blogged about being humbled here. Each day of living in France is a reminder in dependence on God. There are days we think we have our heads above the water when it comes to living and surviving but then there comes the next wave. What we have noticed is no matter the depth of the water or the size of the wave, God still holds us. Our frantic kicking and struggling to tread water are a futile attempt to replace His arms. So we rest in His arms as the waters churn over, under, beside and all around us.

Weekly Routine
The weekly routine for right now seems to have been established. It involves classes for five hours a day, studying for a few more hours each night, attempting to make sure Fayth and Hannah are doing well and us sleeping. We travel into Paris on Sundays to worship with at Trinity International Church with a great group of people from all over the world. If the weather is nice we try to head in a little early to wander the city and take in the culture.

Things we have done
Having stated the normal routine, I am sure you realize that life is anything but normal. Since our arrival we have had opportunity to meet with the Paris C&MA team for friendly get to know each other times and have various times of dreaming of what God is going to do here in Paris. We also have had many blessing come our way while here at school. One of the main blessings is we live near a city with a deep rich history. We have taken the opportunity to explore the city. We spent a night with our fellow langauge school students eating crepes and dancing traditional Scottish dances. (I know Scottish dances are so French now.) This is a week break from school so we travelled to Viroflay to meet with Al and Carol Clason (C&MA France Field Director) about future housing and ministry sites. God is good and it looks like he is answering a prayer we have been praying about housing since before we arrived here in France. Mid January brought in new friends and future team mates John and Maribeth Hinton, to Paris. While they were here, Catalyst took advantage of John’s talent as an illusionist and held an impromptu performance to a packed house.

Because it only makes sense to travel back to the USA shortly after arriving in a foreign country, Tony traveled to LA to meet with the ENvision Culture team from around the world. During the week, planning, dream, praying and charting all took place. With great leadership and a great team around the world ENvision Culture is poised to be an integral part of the C&MA is doing to complete the Great Commission.
Thanks to Kala Auch for being here since mid January to help with our kids and in assisting in any way she is asked. It truly has been a blessing to have her and for here to be involved with our family and to get us started with the dream of ENvision Paris.

Of all of the things we have done the most exciting thing has been the conversations with team mates about the future of ENvision in Paris. Great conversations about the developing ecosystem, where each part of the team; ENvision, Trinity Cataylst, C&MA missionaries, the C&MA communications office, the French Alliance Church and more, has a role and each role is vital to the survival and flourishing of the others.

Things that are coming
First our friends Jason and Calu are running the Paris Marathon on April 15th to help raise funds for us. It’s easy for you to be part of the action. You don’t even have to leave your sofa, chair, desk, but if you are reading this while driving pull over and make a donation.They have been training since the first of the year and are excited to be running to help us get our feet grounded here in Paris. Donations made will go to our support fund to help offset the expense of living and ministering in France. We are using PayItSquare to track donations for them. Take a look here.
In April, Kala leaves to start her next phase of life, which means the field has opportunity for a couple of people to be a part of the child care during field forum. If you are interested in running a VBS type program for a handful of ECKs during the week of July 2-6th. Let us know and we can work out the details.
Also we are looking for an intern for the month of July to help with Fayth and Hannah during our school the 16- August 3rd.
More opportunities to help the work here in Paris will be posted soon.

Ways to help
First and foremost continue to pray.
specifically pray for:

  • increased language comprehension
  • continued cultural adjustment
  • for friends for our family
  • for our lives to be connected to God fully
  • pray for Fayth and Hannah and their adjustment to the French Public School system.
  • pray for communication and connections with our new neighbors and community.
  • praise that God has given us a great group of people to work with and to worship alongside.
  • pray for God to financially provide for the work.

Our work with ENvision Paris is funded by your gifts. If you are interested in giving please check out this page.

Thanks again for being a part of our prayer team.

Tony and Raeni
Fayth and Hannah

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