Early Morning

Got an early morning start thanks to Hank Warner for dropping us off at the airport. Traffic was smooth  and the first flight is underway. I am listening to Francis Chan’s book Forgotten God. I listened to it the first time back in March and it is a great reminder of the person and work of the Holy Spirit. It continues to amaze me how often we neglect the work of the Spirit. I do think the Spirit speaks through the word of God, but the spirit leads and guides us as we read. In our neglect of the spirit we give rise to intelectual pious arrogancy. Even typing those words I think of my own arrogance in dismissing others without taking into account the work of the Spirit in their lives.

May the Spirit be present in my life during this trip and beyond.

Thanks for praying.

As you may know we are one shy of our compelete group as we head towards asia. As we boarded a plane, he boarded a train to downtown Chicago to get a new passport. We trust God will provide and we will see him in a couple of days.

Passport was granted now he is waiting on flights. Praise the Lord.

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