Don’t Push or maybe you should…Tony

I remember looking to buy a motorcycle once. It sat in the guys garage all winter and I test rode  it in the early spring. The battery was dead. But we quick jumped it and I was on my way to test drive. What I like to do on a test drive is drive for a bit and then pull over and look at the car or bike without the owner staring over my shoulder. So after a quick ten minute ride of putting the Goldwing through it’s paces I pulled over and turned off the bike. Looked over the chrome, the exhaust, the plastic, tires and engine. All things you might want to look at when purchasing a bike.

After a complete looking over I decided to hop back on and head back to the shop. Turn the key on, push the start button and nothing. Still a dead battery. Okay let’s push start this bike. Push starting a heavy Goldwing on the side of a flat road in southern Minnesota is no easy thing. I almost dropped the bike three times but finally with what may have been my last bit of pushing ability the bike fired and stayed running. There was that great feeling of elation to know the pushing worked. I know that the effort I put in was worth it. The bike started and I headed back to town.

I think sometimes we give up and don’t push. I mean I could have walked back to the guy who I was buying the bike from, I was less than a mile away. I could have flagged down a passerby and see if I could have gotten a ride or a jump. But pushing is what I did. Sometimes I think we need to push each other a bit. Remind each other that we weren’t meant to be stuck on the side of the road. It might be hard work, it might not be as easy as walking back, but it is what we are supposed to do. We are supposed to be cruising along not stuck with a dead battery on the side of the road.

Sometimes my wife pushes me, (not literally) sometimes I push her (not literally), sometimes the church pushes me and sometimes I push the church. I believe that God wants more from us and sometimes we need a push or to be pushed. Or to push back. But whatever it takes it’s better to cruising along than be stuck.

So who needs to push you?

Who needs a push?

and no I didn’t buy the bike.

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  1. How true. Doesn’t the Holy Spirit sometimes give us a shove or a push to let us know that there is something that we are to do? We must we ready for those shoves or pushes in order to do what we are suppose to do. I thank God for those moments.

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