December Prayer Letter

Merry Christmas from beautiful Colorado!

The Roos family is busy preparing for our move by attending SPLICE at MTI in Monument , Colorado. We are learning about preparing to leave. Learning to process the emotions that come with saying good-bye and saying hello. It is difficult training but very valuable.  It is interesting making new friends so soon before departing to a far off country.

Speaking of departing for a far off country, did you hear the date? DECEMBER 27th! Yes that was us yelling. We are excited to be moving to our new home in Massy France.  As far as Google maps tells us this is a picture of the new apartment complex that the Roos family will call home for the next year as we complete language school.  Please pray for the people who live in the complex with us that we may welcome them into our lives and be given opportunity to share with them the hope of eternity. Our mailing address is

Famille Roos -Les Cedres
19 avenue Nationale
91300 MASSY

The past month has been difficult as we continue to purge our home of our worldly possessions. Its funny the things that you suddenly think are really important. Pieces of paper, serving bowls, power tools, and hand tools; all things you never thought you would have an emotional attachment to. And yet there it is in the garage sale and up swells and emotion that you didn’t know was there. Please continue to pray for us as we pack up the remaining bits and pieces of our house in ten days from the 17th to the 27th.


In addition to packing and selling our things, we have been busy saying goodbye to friends and family. On November  27tth we were commissioned by our
As we wrap up this letter wishing you a truly blessed Christmas and happy new year we would like to remind you of those who we go to Paris to serve who do not have the true Joy of Christ this Christmas. We would not be going without your prayers and financial support. Would you consider joining us this Christmas with a financial gift to help us minister to the young adults in Paris France? If you want to help in our support please send a check made out to The C&MA with Roos ENvision 1-47490-49-50-14051 in the memo line and mail it to The Christian and Missionary Alliance Office of Donor Accounting P.O. Box 35000 Colorado Springs, CO 80935-3500 or go to the C&MA Page. You may also go to our give page and see how to give online or how to become a monthly supporter. Thank you so much for seeking God for how he wants you to be a part of ENvision Paris! All gifts are tax-deductible!church family at Plymouth  Alliance Church. We were blessed immensely in having our church send us off in such a positive way. We are blessed to call Plymouth Alliance our family and friends and know we have ministered in a place that God allowed us to grow, flourish and be fellow servants of Christ. Each of the lives that crossed our paths have influenced us and made us who we are. Thank you to all of our Plymouth Alliance family and friends.

Love and Blessings,

The Roos Family!



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