Counting Down-Tony

Wow 62 days. At least that is how I count it. 60 days till Christmas and we leave two days after that fantastic holiday. So 62 days. That’s not a lot of days. Sure if it were 62 days of solitary confinement I am sure it would be a long time. But the days from 90 to 62 have flown by and I am going to guess the next 62 won’t go any slower.

In preparation for the move Raeni and I have begun walking each morning and often each evening to ready ourselves to no longer own a car and for me to shed a few pounds. So that has been fun to walk and talk and dream and pray as we walk in the pre-dawn coolness here in Wisconsin. The walks have been good and there are few things better than spending time with my wife.

Right now Fayth is laying on my back as I lay on the floor typing. I like that also! Hannah just wrote a book online and it makes me smile to see them involved in creating in ways never thought of when I was growing up. My family is fantastic!

Paragraph 4. We are 62 days from leaving but we are still in need of prayer and financial support. To receive our prayer letter quickly fill out the form to your left and you will be added to our monthly, or more prayer letter. If you are reading this would you pray and consider how you can be a part of the kingdom work? I realize that the majority of you reading this already give and for that we are truly thankful and realize what an honor it is that you have chosen to be a key part of this work.

I know this is talked about over on the Give page but I want to share with some of you the need that is out there. Raeni and I have been asked to raise just over $80,000 per year to get this ENvision Paris thing up and running. That’s a big number but that is for our family to live in a country where it is roughly 70 cents on the dollar and the cost of living is higher than small town Wisconsin. Currently we are just about 42% of the way there we are praising God for that. We are totally excited that He is working to make this happen. But as you can see we still have a ways to go. I know entering into the holiday season you will be saving to buy presents and spread joy with you family and am praying that you will take this time to help start the work in Paris. Your gift is tax deductible and goes to further the work

Would you consider donating $25, $50, $100, $1000 or more? Click on over to the give page and donate online. 100% of your donation goes to support ENvision Paris and the work of the kingdom there.

If you are still reading would you consider being a monthly or yearly supporter? You monthly give of $25 dollars quickly multiplies in just one year to  $300. Wow this can be directly debited from you checking account at no cost to you or to our fund. Thank you. Information about monthly support is one the give page also.

Perhaps you have already given and feel that you would love to be a bigger part or give a gift off of your year end bonus or some extra cash that has come your way. We would be grateful for that also.

Most of all know that if you would like to talk with either Raeni or I about ENvision Paris, our future and His work please contact us. We truly love what God is doing and going to do in Paris

Thanks for reading, praying and giving!


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