Last night, today and tomorrow morning we have spent in Bangkok. It has seemed like the pace has slowed. We will sleep two nights on the same bed. The travel has been smooth but it is also nice to be in the same place. I guess we did have a tuk tuk driver take us out to the “lake,” but we survived that; thankfully.

Moving from Poipet to Bangkok is quite a shift. Bangkok is a massive sea of people. People from everywhere. Today at the market we saw people from all parts of the globe.

Tonight we will head back to Siam Square which is a cultural center for the city of Bangkok. It is also where two missionaries will be landing in two months to start an ENvision site. Tonight we will prayer walk through the area asking God to open doors and lead the way for the missionaries.

We will also walk through the impoverished areas of the city. I think impoverished is the wrong word, poor, slums, destitute and flat out in need.

More to come…

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