Baby you’re a firework…Tony

I promise not to sing that song. But since we agreed to run the fireworks tent in Plymouth as a fundraiser it have been going through my mind. So if I can just pass it on to your mind then it will be out of mine. The fireworks tent is OVER. It was a long 10 days, made endurable by friends and family who helped get things done and get things sold. Some pictures of the fun from along the way.
As you can see the Uncle Sam costume was used a lot!
So the deal was we would sell fireworks with people from the church and split the proceeds a few ways. Some is going to go to ENvision Paris, some to ENvision trips and some to the youth. There were a great number of people who put in a great number of hours to which we are very thankful. Trisha, Matt, Danny, Deb, Jeannie, Eric, and many other who worked the booth so Raeni and I could sleep and shower and have time for our kids. Thank you. Waiting on the final numbers from “corporate” to figure out how much was raised but we are trusting God for a great work.
Now we are back to the weekly work of the church and attempting to get ready to move to Paris. We continue with our open houses for people from the church who are interested in ENvision Paris and being a part of the Kingdom work with us. The team is being built slowly but surely with quality people praying for us.
We will be in Minnesota the weekends of July 17th and 24th. We will be sharing at the Alliance Church in Cloquet and the Hibbing Alliance Church those two weekends.  Hibbing on the 17th and Cloquet on the 24th.

There will be an ENvision open house on the 24th at 6:30 pm at the Hibbing Alliance church and we would love to see any of you that would be interested in what we are doing or catching up on where we have been.
Things to be praying for:

  • Plymouth Alliance Goin’ for the Goal Soccer camp 120 registered and 90% not from the church
  • Two weekends in July to share ENvision with Hibbing and Cloquet
  • Tony is speaking at Big Sandy Camp the week of July 18-23. Pray that the Junior Highers would catch a glimpse of God’s plan and dream for them.
  • Our support team to grow.
Thanks for stopping by.

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