Asia the pre trip

Back from the Iron range finishing up a few thing here before we head out early on Monday morning. Lawn raked, things at the office a bit cleaned up, movie and pizza night with the family. hoping to pack before midnight on Sunday. 

Before I get started traveling the world this week. I am going to take a few days to travel the mid-west. As many of you know, because you have been praying, my grandmother has been fighting cancer for nearly ten years. It is a battle she has fought brilliantly and in fact it is a battle she fought years ago, before I remember, and cancer was still the big “C”. 

The battle has been long. The battle is coming to an end. Her mind has begun to drift and I want to make it to see her before she doesn’t remember. I know adding a thousand miles of driving before I head to Asia may not seem like the wisest thing but it needs to be done. Add that to your prayers for me if you would.  Thanks.
Here is a map of where I will be. I will update as we travel. Thanks for checking out the travel tales.
Also thought I would include some of the things we will be doing.

Oct. 25 at 9:03am depart Chicago
Oct. 26 – 10:55pm land in Phnom Penh
Oct. 27- Visit floating schools/New Jerusalem Church ESL ministry in am, bus for Angkor Wat in pm
Oct. 28- Angkor Wat and depart for Poipet in evening
Oct. 29- Poipet/No man’s land and depart for Bangkok
Oct. 30- Bangkok Weekend market (amazing!), Siam Square tour ministry, Slum ministry, 
Oct. 31- International Church and fly to Taipei
Nov. 1- Ximen Ministry tour in Taipei
Nov. 2- Tour of Taipei and more Ximen
Nov. 3- Free day in Taiwan

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