Another Day Begins

It begins way earlier than it should. I could not keep my eyes open last night at 10, the morning however, I could not keep them closed at 4. It is a tough thing to adjust your body clock. We did not make it to Angkor Wat last night since the bus tookk slightly longer than anticipated.

I have been reflecting on something said yesterday during our conversation with Dave Enns. Many groups come here to Cambodia on rescue missions. They come with the backing of NGO (non profits). They come and take the two or three or one hundred kids from the streets and feel good about doing it, and they should do those thingsand they should feel good. But the analogy of building a fence to keep people from jumping off a cliff or rushing in with an ambulance after they have fallen is the difference in what the CMA is trying to do. They want to build fences to tell people “There is a better way.” It reminds me of our OverFlow lesson last week as we talked about temptation. One of the leaders shared the Jesus shows us the way out. We want to be a people who show the way out through the Grace of Christ.

Ramblings at 4 in the morning not sure is any of that makes sense.

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