A note from Jason and Calu Ostrander

A note from Jason and Calu Ostrander

Running For Roos
by Jason Ostrander on Saturday, March 31, 2012 at 11:02pm ·

Dear friends and family,

On April 15th my wife and I will be running our second marathon in a year. Last October Calu and I ran the Chicago Marathon in order to raise awareness for the Family Empowerment Center in Chicago, IL. In April we will travel to France to run for the Roos family. Tony, Raeni and their two daughters moved to France last January where they will head-up the newly formed Envision Culture site in Paris.

Envision Culture exists to mobilize the next generation of young adults in our churches for Kingdom change.

Change is not easy though -as the Roos family has found out. Not only does it take a large amount of pateince and grace to learn another culture, but it also takes a lot of money -and while the Roos’ have taken up the call to relocate to France as Alliance workers, they have also agreed to raise their own support.

Tony and his family have inspired me and my wife so much that we want to give -not only of our finances but of our time to help raise awareness for them. This is why we are running the 26.2 miles in Paris.

I have an idea about how we can all encourage them in both word and deed:

1. Over the next few weeks as we build up for the Paris Marathon tweet words of encouragement to the Roos family (@tonyroos) and express your committment to bring their family before the Lord. Don’t forget to include #RunForRoos in your message.

2. Consider supporting them financially by making a one-time gift that will go to support their family’s living expenses while in Paris. Last I spoke to Tony he said they were about 50% funded for the year.

You can go here to make your donation: http://www.payitsquare.com/collect-page/4559

The Roos’ are deeply committed to sharing Christ with the people of France. So committed in fact that they uprooted their lives and relocated in a culture not their own…so to give sight to the blind and hope to the hopeless.

Please join me in supporting the Roos family -I would consider it a personal favor.

Blessings all. Keep running.

Jason and Calu Ostrander
Running for a cause (aka. #RunForRoos).

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