A long awaited update

Hey Friends,

Life in France is going well! We know you need to be updated more often then we do but often after a day of language learning and studying it is all we can do to make supper and spend a few minutes with our kids. As it is they have learned the exciting card game of solitaire.

Hannah turns 8 tomorrow and has been being a rock star at learning French and doing her eye exercises. She is excited to be turning 8 and has big plans to celebrate with a friend from our language school.

Fayth continues to be an amazing young lady. She too is rocking at learning French and adjusting to life here. Often we are astounded by how God continues to work in her life and heart as we are here ministering in Paris.

Raeni of course is awesome! (and no I am not just writing that in case she reads this.) She continues to plan meals for our family, keep the house livable and still studies French. As I type this she is hard a work making Hannah’s birthday cake.

I am doing well also. Had a great conversation today with a man from Rwanda who is a catholic believer. We started in English but then begin to talk in French when I told him why we lived here. It was a much needed and exciting thing to be able to do.

As you may have seen from facebook posts over the last month we have had 4 young adults and one not so young adult pass through our site under ENvsion. Jared and Kristina spent a month here, while Austin and Olivia spent about two weeks each. And my friend Justin came through to lead worship for our field forum team. It has been a blessing to see what God can do. The majority of the work has been in helping to set up the field house here in France to be the future ENvision site home and to help with childcare at the Field Forum. It has been amazing to be blessed with young hearts willing to give up most of their summer to minister here. Thank you to each of you.

We continue to pray for God to provide our funding as we continue to move forward here in Paris. While we are living and working here we are relying on you, our friends, and Him, our true provider, to provide all our needs financially, emotionally and physically. We are blessed by all who have given and all who have prayed for us! What we are excited to tell you who have been part of the Christian Missionary Alliance and give to the Great Commission Fund is that now your can give to the GCF in support of the Roos family. For those who are already giving to our support fund this doesn’t change anything for you. But if you are interested in helping our support you can now give directly to the GCF in support of Roos-ENvision. For instance you could take a percentage of your normal GCF gift and give it in support of Roos ENvision.

Please consider giving to the GCF in support of Roos-ENvision. Find out more information here.

Thanks for reading and thanks for praying. Soon will be a picture update for all your viewing pleasure!

3 Replies to “A long awaited update”

  1. Glad your kids are doing well…when I think of you guys I pray for them and their adjustment.
    Keep it up with the French–you guys are doing awesome!–my prayers are with you for that as well


  2. Just so everyone who reads this understands fully we are still a faith based funded missionary family needing your support. The C&MA has just made it easier for those of you who attend an Alliance church and already give to the GCF to earmark your funds to support us in what God is doing. You can give to the GCF in support of Roos-ENvision and it goes to our support account. Spread the word!

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