9 Months being salty -Raeni

So today September 27, 2012 today marks my parents’ 37th wedding anniversary and the 9 month anniversary of our arrival in France. I have had this blog on my mind for the past week or so and just haven’t had the time to get it on paper. Today we had a test that was incredibly hard and made me wonder if I have learned anything over the past nine months. After the test there was no classwork so homework is light tonight meaning nothing has to be accomplished so I have time to finally get this blog down on paper.

One of the things that keeps cropping up in my head is why us? Why me? Why did God choose us, me, to move to Paris? I mean, if you really think about it, the idea is just illogical. Just about anyone would be more qualified than I.

  • First, my only experience of big city life was four years in Minneapolis. Three of those years I lived on the very small protected campus of Bethel College. Other than that almost my entire life was spent in town of less than 10,000 people. Now, I live in a city of 12,000,000 people.
  •  I also live in the fashion capital of the world. Truly bizarre since previously, top fashion was purchased at Fleet Farm or, to pay tribute to my northern Minnesota roots, L & M.
  •  Language learning, other than the Spanish I learned from Sesame Street or in my later years watching Dora the Explorer with Fayth and Hannah, I never learned any other language. I would say most language experts would say 35 is not the best age to have your first experience with a foreign language.

So, just a few of the reasons I am not qualified. I know that many of you will remind me that I have a lot of positives going for me and that Satan places these things in my mind to distract and discourage me. It’s true, I could become paralyzed by these negatives but I know I am here for a reason. But you have to admit the irony.

God continues to amaze me. The other morning I slept in due to the fact that I woke at 5 a.m. with a headache. So I didn’t have my own personal quiet time. It is true me; “a missionary” skipped her quiet time. So I got up somewhat dazed and sat down at breakfast where we were having family devotions. Just a few days prior Tony and I had discussed the idea that we weren’t thrilled with the book we using for family devotions but finding a new book wasn’t a top priority so we were still using the book. God didn’t care that I was dazed and he didn’t care that we didn’t love the book we were using he had something that I needed to hear.

Matthew 5:13-16 (NIV) “You are the salt of the earth. But if the salt loses its saltiness, how can it be made salty again? It is no longer good for anything, except to be thrown out and trampled underfoot.”

“You are the light of the world. A town built on a hill cannot be hidden. Neither do people light a lamp and put it under a bowl. Instead they put it on its stand, and it gives light to everyone in the house. In the same way let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify you Father in heaven.”

The little devotion was a story of a mom taking her daughter to the dark basement with a flashlight. The flashlight wasn’t needed in the place that there was light but it was needed in the place that was dark. Then Hannah told us how she shares light with people. Every day, she brings 3 jump ropes to school to share with the other kids. This is her ministry. The playground at their school doesn’t have swings, playground equipment, balls, or jump ropes. She loves the kids around her by sharing her jump ropes. It is simple but such a real way to share the light of Jesus. Our Hannah isn’t just a flashlight she is a strobe light. Fayth plays with toddlers and loves on little kids, her way of showing light. Tony and I also have light to share. Hopefully soon Tony will be coaching American football and I will be plugging into other ministries or perhaps shining light simply from our home.

Anyway, all of this to remind me of why we are here, perhaps you have seen the map that uses light to show the population of Christians in the world. France, was once salty, France once had Christians. Now it has lost much of its saltiness, there are very few Christians here. In the city of Paris less than 2 percent of population has a relationship with Jesus Christ. The map shows Paris as a dark place.

So I have to remind myself every day that we were called here to be salt and to be light. God called us from the light in Wisconsin because they need light in Paris. In fact Paris needs 4 lights Tony, Fayth, Hannah and I. We will not be hidden under a bowl. We will let our light shine before others so our Father in heaven can be glorified. I still don’t understand the why. I don’t know if I will ever understand the why but I trust God had a reason in choosing us.

Where has God called you to be light? Were you called to be light in your job, your community, your family? Be light in the dark place. Don’t hide your light. If God has called you to be light in a place that doesn’t make sense to you. Say yes, laugh at the irony, and be light.

So that’s the end of my post. I do have one specific prayer request tonight. Will pray for Hannah – tomorrow she is having an evaluation with an Occupational Therapist. Many of you know about the eye trouble we discovered in May we think that there may be other issues as well that are making school difficult for her. Will you pray that if there is a problem the occupational therapist will quickly identify it. We covet your prayers.


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