3/21/11 Raeni – Meeting with Mequon and so much information

So as I sit in the dark at our computer it is 1:54 A.M actually the 22nd of March. For those that know me the timing of this post is not a surprise when overwhelmed I tend to be plagued by insomnia. So I shouldn’t be surprised with the fact that I am awake. Yesterday was a whirlwind. My mind is overflowing with all the details and things that happened yesterday. What an amazing and overwhelming day. Probably one of many that will fill my life for the next two years.
To chronical the events – yesterday Matt and Kyle came to Wisconsin to see us. The intent of this visit was to meet with the Missions Team in Mequon about the upcoming benefit concert in September and then also start dialoging about what the next few years of our life will look like. For me – these were the first conversations about Envision and the direction of where we are going that I have been present for. It was nice to not have to hear the conversations second handed. Such a big thank you to my Dad and Mom who were here visiting and took the girls shopping which  made it possible for me to go to Mequon this morning.
So the meeting in Mequon. AMAZING! It was truely amazing to see just a glimpse of how God is weaving this all together. I wish I remembered all the details of what was said but I can’t. In many ways seeing how God is pulling this all  together was just too overwhelming. I probably just sat there with my mouth hanging open. It was so exciting to see their passion for the field in Paris. So exciting to gather from their wisdom and knowledge of where we are going to be making our home. So exciting to perhaps meet future teammates?
Anyway things gained from this meeting. Confirmation that we are headed in the right direction. I so needed that from God right now. Meeting people who are excited about the field and excited for us. This was beneficial because they are just plain excited to see where this is going without having the baggage of relationships and friendships. Although we are excited to take this journey with PAC in so many ways it will be harder because though exciting – its also loss. Another potential door this opened is an opportunity for me to perhaps start learning French. If not learning it, then, at least hearing it spoken. Apparently there is a significant French community in the Milwaukee area and I met people today who are making relationships in that community. Those relationship may possibly allow me to start learning French now. A total answer to prayer since learning the language is one of my biggest fears. The other benefit to this meeting was finding people that we can ask questions. The people we met today not only now “stuff” about France but some of them know “stuff” about taking kids into cross cultural experiences. My first question for them to be sent in an e-mail later today when hopefully my words aren’t slurred with lack of sleep – “what questions should we be asking?”
So the rest of the afternoon was spent with Matt and Kyle talking details making preliminary plans. The big date our estimated date to step foot on French soil. Drumroll – that date is January of 2012. Nine short months from now.  This is the date we are shooting for. This is the date we will be praying about. That God would be putting all the details in line so that in January of 2012 we will be ready to go. With that said – we are starting to try to figure out what we need to do. First on the list passports for the girls. Fayth has the perfect pose for this planned. Goofy grin  and arms spread as if to say look at me. They will both be disappointed to realize that these are not funny pics but actually quite boring.
My prayers continue to be that God will lead us in a way we can clearly see. That there will be no questions about whether we should go or not. A prayer that I have prayed and continue to pray (with some hesitaiton and fear) is that God will teach me to be totally dependent on Him. I believe this journey will teach me that in many ways. As I say that, my human nature reacts with much fear. To learn this total dependence I am going to have most things I find familiar and comfortably taken away. I am going to have to learn to rest in Him. So if you read this post will you pray for me and my family – that no matter our location or our comfort level we would rest peacefully in the arms of the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords. That we would rest comfortably in our Daddy’s hands. On that note I am getting sleepy and am going to rest. I confidently know that my Heavenly Father has the details and knowing that – I can find rest.

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