1/28/11 – Raeni

So – I am writing today because 1) alot has happened in the last week and 2) Fayth is home sick and things are unusually quiet.
So alot has happened since I bloged a month ago. Most of it this week.
Monday Tony had an interesting phone call about possibly plugging us into a stateside Envision sight until we are ready to leave for Paris. This phone call has tossed us up into the air. It would mean leaving Plymouth sooner. It would be an urban area. While I know that Paris is Urban it scares me far less than going into an Urban American site. Weird right. So last night we had dinner with some trusted men of God to discuss this option. Surprisingly enough, I would be the person that the site needed. Someone with my education is what this site is looking for. It would potentially even be a paid position that I could have while we continued to raise our support. Finished our meeting and Tony and I got in the car and were speachless. We literally sat in silence most of the way home (of course I was sleeping during part of it). So we are praying and processing through this.
Second our 16PF results were found. Yeah! They had been lost for a few weeks, very frustrating. I did not come up as crazy! Yeah Me! Anyway we had an interview regarding those results. Nothing earthshaking or ground breaking but it is crossed off the list. Next we need to take the MLAT and the IDI. The MLAT assesses our apptitude to learn another language. I am just hoping to come up with a score higher than 20. The IDI is for our ability to adapt to another culture. Both are my areas of weakness and Tony’s areas of strength. YUCK! I do not like to lose to him.

 On a side note I was thinking that we should go to different language schools. I don’t think I want him in the same class as me. It will be like economics all over again.
The first boxes have been packed. Two boxes of Christmas stuff. The rest of the Christmas stuff is separated garage sale or storage. My current project is sorting through and getting all the pictures that are randomly in boxes organized and neatly stored. This should be done more than once every 13 years.

The girls are asking questions like will we celebrate my brithday at the Eiffel Tower. Can we speak English at home. Fayth’s persons of the week poster says My dream is to go to Paris. It continues to amaze me how the so openly embrace this change.
On just a quick family note yesterday Fayth was taken off all of her allergy medicine. After 6 1/2 year of being on at least one medication and up to 4 medications daily its amazing that she is done. She only needs to take them as needed. WOW! God has been faithful in leading us to DR.’s that can help her.

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