12/30/10 – looking ahead-Raeni

So – 2011 is around the corner and at this point I am wondering, will we be ringing in 2012 in Paris? Seems like right now God is pointing us to leaving late this summer. When this started in November I thought I had 18 months to prep and get ready for this idea. Early December we started thinking January 2012 and now the end of December we are thinking late summer of 2011. Yet even with all of that I am still not at all scared off by this process. I am ready to move but know that God’s timing is critical.
Things I am concerned about – stuff. I know its silly and it is just stuff. But what do you do with all of it. Do we save it, do we sell it, do we get rid of it all and move in two suitcases. Aahhh – it has taken 13 years to accumulate all of this and now I need to get rid of most of it. I guess it forces me to take stock of what is really important to us. What things are critically to traditions or the identity of our family. Well, come to our garage sales this summer. I am sure you will find a bargain. Plus I have an amazing couch that will be up for sale.

School – what should we do for school for the girls. This morning I was checking into the international schools in Paris. Tuition is 30,000 dollars a year times 2. We don’t have 60,000 dollars to our name let alone use it to educate our children. This is extremely overwhelming. I need to be patient I know that we will be walked through these stages and decisions. Fayth keeps reminding me she would like to be home schooled. Home-schooling was on my list of things I would never do. Perhaps God is sitting in heaven laughing at me saying, Raeni, my silly daughter, you keep holding onto that list but eventually you will give it all to me.

Did I mention we took our PF 16. No results yet but I didn’t stress too much over it and I did not write a dissertation on why my results were that they were.
Finally, I want to talk about how amazing Fayth and Hannah are handling all of this. We told the girls before we left for Minnesota at Thanksgiving. We didn’t want them to overhear any discussions that would be confusing to them. We are trying to keep them involved in the process to what level we think is appropriate. Even though tears are to be expected as this is an overwhelming and scarey process. Both Fayth and Hannah have embraced this whole heartedly. They are working on their French using a program we bought. They are asking questions. I hope they understand that God is not just calling Tony and I to this ministry but God is calling our whole family. I am confident that God has a role in this for them as well.
To my girls – I am beyond proud of both of you. Your hearts are beautiful, you are princesses. You are beautiful set apart daughters of the King of Kings.

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