The Roos Family in Paris

The Roos family has made the Paris area their home since January of 2012. Public transportation, crowded sidewalks and city life are far from their mid-western USA roots. Living in France was never something that crossed the minds of the Roos family before God asked them to move to start the Envision France ministry and discipleship site.

Envision Paris exists to see young adults come alive as they follow Christ. Envision Paris is part of Envision, a movement within the Christian and Missionary Alliance, specializing in missional engagement. Helping people to be involved in Kingdom work both here in Paris and around the world. Through a unique partnership with the local church here in Paris, interns and teams build the Kingdom through teaching English, prayer, leading bible studies, designing and implementing outreach activities and using their unique skills and talents to bring the Light of Christ to the City of Light.

Thanks for reading… look around and see how you can be involved if you have questions or want to know more feel free to contact us using the contact us page from menu!

Pray with Us

team-472488_960_720The Roos family and the work of Envision France are successful because of the countless hours of prayer both by us and by our many prayer partners around the world. If you are interested in praying with us we email a monthly updated and prayer list allowing you to know what is happening in our lives and ministry. Please use the form below to sign up for our prayer list and stay up to date on prayer needs and praises! Check out our latest newsletters!

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Who We are

We are your average family. Husband, wife, and  two kids. But we serve an extraordinary God!

Totony and raeniny served the local church 13 years as a full time youth pastor. In the fall of 2010 God called him and his family to Paris France, to start and lead the Envision Paris ministry site. Tony enjoys good coffee, tinkering with things that probably shouldn’t be tinkered with and spending time with his wife and kids.

Raeni is a great mom to two great girls, handles all the administrative details for Envision Paris  and makes a sweet pan of enchiladas. With a masters in family counseling she has been able to offer biblical mentoring to teams and interns. Raeni loves her morning walks, time with friends and coffee with her husbanfayth and hannahd.

Fayth is 17 and has had the unique opportunity for an American to play her first guitar gig in Paris. Fayth loves her guitar, music, friends and quiet time. She has a great heart for what God is doing.

Hannah is 14 and the self proclaimed funny one of the family. There is often a song in her heart that overflows onto her lips The girl loves to serve others and her heart and concern for the down and out is rivaled only by her love for her friends.


The Roos family and the work of Envision Paris relies on people financially partnering with God and us to accomplish His plan. Financial partnership can be monthly, a one time gift, or more creative ways as the Lord leads.  We have been charged to raise the full support of an international worker in France, roughly $8000 monthly. This number includes: salary, insurance, housing, education costs for our children, ministry, travel and various other expenses. As you can see this number is not small and will need your partnership to help us reach this goal.

What a partnership looks like is this:

For our part we:

    • continue to live and serve here in Paris so that we can see young adults both here in Paris and around the world fully involved in the Kingdom of God.
    • Update you by email, blog posts, Facebook updates and more ways. Check out or /envisionparis
    • Pray for you on a regular basis.


We ask that for your part you:

  1. consider making our ministry part of your ministry by financially partnering with the work of God here in Paris. So that you can share in the blessing of seeing young adults here in Paris and around the world fully involved in the Kingdom of God.
  2. Pray for us as God brings our family to your mind.
  3. Keep us updated on how we can be praying for you and your needs.

Please prayerfully consider how you can partner with us. We would love to talk to you individually to share our heart and passion for Envision and Paris. Below you will find three options for giving. Please use the contact us page above to let us know how we can best contact you about being a partner.

How to Give

  • Online This will take you to our direct giving site on the CMA website

The C&MA website

Account Name: Roos-ENvision Paris

Account Number: 1-47490-49-50-14051

  • Mail

The Christian and Missionary Alliance
Office of Donor Accounting
8595 Explorer Drive
Colorado Springs, CO 80920

Memo Line: Roos 1-47490-49-50-14051


  • Direct Debit

To support us on a monthly basis print this form, complete it and mail it to the address on the form.


(Adobe Reader  required)

Important facts about your gift:

  • There are no administrative costs associated with donations to this account
  • There is no credit card processing fee taken out of your donation.
  • All support is needed and greatly appreciated.   There is however, a need for those who agree to support us on a regular basis; monthly, quarterly or yearly.
  • If you are led to donate on a regular basis please complete the blue card and return it in the envelope so we can communicate with the C&MA the amount they can anticipate from donors.
  • Support can start now! There are many upfront costs of heading to the field and any funds are donated prior to our departure are greatly appreciated and needed.


Thanks again!

Tony and Raeni



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